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Get An Early Start!

Its a good idea to kick off the Reflections Program at your first PTA Meeting!


Arts in Education Programs



Welcome to the 2017-18 Arts in Education Year! This year’s theme is “Within Reach”





Contact the Arts in Education Chair at,


Larry Rowe

Northside ISD Council of PTAs



Environmental Awareness


Why Environmental Awareness?


The Texas PTA is working to promote environmental awareness initiatives that unite parents, students, teachers and campus administrators in an effort to protect children and their environment. Environmental awareness is often associated with term sustainability, which means the capacity to endure. Many of the habits and systems we have created are unsustainable, and developing sustainable use of natural resources will require collaboration and education. Sustainable systems apply to living conditions, economies, technology and individual behaviors that conserve natural resources. It is important for our children to understand their role in environmental stewardship because a sustainable and clean environment contributes directly to student success and well being.


Program Resources

Environmental Chair's Guide

TCEQ Take Care of Texas





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