Award Requirements

Northside ISD Council of PTAs Awards and Recognitions


We are excited to be working on developing new awards and recognitions for our local units. We have an outstanding group of local units that are doing amazing things for our children. Check back soon for info on how your unit can qualify for these recognitions.

Texas PTA Membership Awards Information

Important Deadlines and Award Requirements can be found on the following flyer or on the Texas PTA website.


Volunteer Recognition Information

Northside ISD Council of PTAs encourages all of our local units to recognize and honor all of our volunteers who donate their time and talent to the children of Northside. The following is a list of state and national recognitions our local units can bestow on those volunteers who go above and beyond in their dedication to advocating for our youth.

Texas PTA Honorary Life Membership

Texas PTA Extended Service Award

National PTA Life Achievement Award

Requirements for all of these volunteer awards and recognition can be found on the Texas PTA website at