Celebrating your Reflections Art Contest

First of all, pat yourself on the back because you encouraged Art on your campus. Even if you got zero submissions to the Reflections Art Contest, you sent a message to the school that art is important and that what students have to share is meaningful. Thank you for doing that.
Ideas for recognizing Artists at your school:
  • Recognize every artist. Reflections does participation awards because every student, regardless of ability, created and shared a meaningful experience with others and that is worth celebrating.
  • Showcase all art at a school event. Combine with your choir or strings program for an Arts Night and display the entries.
  • Do a virtual art show and have a website or Facebook display.
  • Put up the art in the library and invite parents and classes to stop by.
  • Show art on the screensaver on campus computers.
  • If your campus has video announcements, show art on the announcements.
  • Purchase ribbons or print certificates for each entry.
  • Texas PTA Reflections ribbons and certificates are now available! Consider sharing with a nearby campus to save on shipping costs. https://s-t-a-r-co-op.myshopify.com/collections/reflections-materials
  • Celebrate all artists on your campus even the ones who didn’t win a prize.  Take a photo of all the winners and display it or put it in the yearbook.
  • Join our Facebook Reflections Group: “NISD PTA Reflections and Arts in Education” and start a conversation!