Council Board

Northside ISD Council Board Roster


President                                              Larry Rowe       

1st Vice President                              Jen Marg             

2nd Vice President                            Elizabeth Ariola

3rd Vice President                             Katasha Green   

4th Vice President                             Julie Matta          

5th Vice President                             Nicole Howard  

6th Vice President                             Jennifer Morris  

Secretary                                              Open

Treasurer                                              Evelyn Zinda     

Parliamentarian                                 Open

Standing Committees

Advocacy                                             Maria Sanford

Arts in Education                               Aili Katherman

Communication                                Open

Founder’s Day                                    Tami Bosker

Historian                                              Sheila Christman

Hospitality                                           Open

Healthy Lifestyles                              Christen Butterfield

Jack C Jordan Scholarship            Open

Membership                                        Open

Programs                                              Crystal Vasquez

Training                                                 Open        

Title 1 Project                                      Carol Rowe

Ways and Means                                 Open

Northside ISD Liaison                       Levinia Lara / Stephen Daniel


Are you interested in joining our NISD Council Board? Please contact our Council President and he will share with you opportunities of how you can become involved at the Council Level.