Penny Drive

We are announcing the start of the Jack C. Jordan Penny Drive this month.  The NISD Council of PTAs awards scholarships each year to outstanding graduating seniors from each NISD high school through a designated fund, the Jack C. Jordan Scholarship Fund. Every year Council PTA sponsors a fundraiser to support the scholarship fund, and for many years that has been by local PTAs conducting penny drives.  All donations go directly to the payment of scholarships.

Your PTA may conduct a drive at any time during the school year and in any manner best suited to your population. PTAs collect pennies, as well as other coins and currency, to help fund the college scholarships for NISD seniors. PTAs may also make a direct donation in lieu of a penny drive. The scholarship fund relies largely on donations from the local PTAs, so support from each PTA is key to the success of the fund.

Last year with 56% of the PTAs participating, you contributed a little over $24,400, which is awesome! Just think what participation by every local PTA would mean to a graduating senior from one of our 12 high schools that will receive a scholarship.  In order to continue to fund the scholarship, we need to raise $26,400 each year. We are encouraging all 111 PTAs to donate a minimum of $240.00.

If your PTA has not participated in the past and is looking for a simple way to get started donating, consider designating a portion of your regular fundraising profit as your donation. Or try a simple “Spare Change” drive for a day or two.  Have students bring or ask their parents for spare change when they leave the house or at drop-off.  Have buckets available in the student waiting areas for them to leave their donation.

Click here for instructions on how and where to deposit your donations and information on Jack C. Jordan and his dedicated service to Northside.

On behalf of the Jack C. Jordan Scholarship Committee, I thank you for your support and for helping the students of Northside ISD realize their dreams of going to college. Please contact me if you have questions.

Crystal Rivas

Jack C. Jordan Scholarship Committee