Thank you to all of our Donors!

2023 – 2024 Scholarship GOAL


$250.00 suggested donation from each PTA

Are you ready to make your donation to the Jack C. Jordan Scholarship?

First off, THANK YOU! Your donation helps us secure funds for previous winners as well as future winners of the Jack C. Jordan Scholarship.

Did you host a penny drive or other sort of drive to raise funds for the JCJ Scholarship?

  1. Do not deposit the donation into your local PTA bank account as this will count as income when completing your IRS Form 990. Donations are being made to the scholarship fund and should be deposited directly into the scholarship fund account.
  2. Place coins/bills in containers (milk jugs work well) and use permanent marker to label each container with your PTA name and phone number. Please note, the bank will count the money for you.
  3. Take the labeled containers of money to the following bank branch and complete a deposit slip as outlined below. Give the deposit slip and labeled containers to a teller. The bank will count the money for you after you leave. The bank sends notification of the deposit to the Jack C. Jordan Scholarship Committee.

Bank Branch Information

Jefferson Bank, 8826 Bandera RD, San Antonio, TX 78238, (210) 736-7244

Deposit Slip Information

YOUR PTA NAME (MUST include to receive credit for deposit)

Jack C. Jordan Scholarship Fund Account #10106682

Direct Deposit to JCJ Scholarship Fund

PTAs making a donation directly to the JCJ Scholarship fund should make their check payable to: NEF for Jack C. Jordan Scholarship Fund

PTAs should mail their donation check to:

Northside Education Foundation

Attn: Peggy Bridges

6632 Bandera Rd., Bldg A.

San Antonio, Tx 78238

Once you have mailed your donation, please notify the JCJ Committee Chair, Catherine Lazo at to ensure that your PTA receives credit for your donation. 

If you have any questions, please contact Catherine Lazo, at

Thank you!