Donna Smith Project

Northside ISD Council of PTAs launched a community service project called the Donna Smith Title I Project. The goal of this project is to help the Title I schools within our district by adopting them in some form.

The Donna Smith Title I project can be counted as one of the required programs for the Fundraising 3 to 1 ratio suggested from Texas PTA.

How your local unit can get involved.

  1. Contact our Council Vice President of Programs, to adopt a school or schools. (You can choose more than one school and spread the community service.
  2. Discuss with the adopted school(s) what their needs are and select dates for a donation drive on your campus. Your local unit can do more than one type of drive throughout the year.
  3. Send home flyers explaining the project to your local campus. Be sure to include the type of items requested, due date, and any other pertinent information.
  4. Have a secure place to store the items until you can arrange a delivery date with your adopted school(s).
  5. The receiving school will distribute the donated items through their local counselors/administrators.

Examples of donation drives are food, backpacks, school supplies, warm clothes, shoes, and/or books for children to read at home.

No matter what type of donation drive it is, we know it will make a difference in the life of a child!


Middle School

High School

  • Adams Hill
  • Allen
  • Boone
  • Brauchle
  • Burke
  • Cable
  • Carlos Coon
  • Carnahan
  • Cody
  • Colonies North
  • Driggers
  • Esparza
  • Fernandez
  • Fisher
  • Glass
  • Glenn
  • Glenoaks
  • Hatchett
  • Howsman
  • Knowlton
  • Leon Valley
  • Linton
  • Martin
  • Mary Hull
  • McDermott
  • Mead
  • Meadow Village
  • Michael
  • Murnin
  • Myers
  • Northwest Crossing
  • Oak Hills Terrace
  • Passmore
  • Powell
  • Rhodes
  • Timberwilde
  • Valley Hi
  • Villarreal
  • Westwood Terrace
  • Jones
  • Neff
  • Pease
  • Rayburn
  • Ross
  • Rudder
  • Zachry
  • Holmes
  • John Jay