Northside Council of PTAs strives to provide training and support for all of our local units by offering a variety of workshops throughout the school year.

August Trainings

Thank you to everyone who attended one of our many August Trainings! We have more trainings scheduled for September and look forward to seeing more of our wonderful local unit leaders!

NOTE: Classes only have space for 30 participants each. Registration is required. Participants can register for a class by clicking on Register Here after each class title and time. Take note of the class times and dates when registering.

All classes will be held at the Northside Activity Center, 7001 Culebra Rd.

September Trainings

November Trainings/Networking

Thursday, November 14 – Dessert with Council 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at NAC RSVP here for this event!

Foundations Leader Orientation (FLO Part 1)

The bylaws of each unit state that all Board members must complete FLO by October 15. The first part of FLO can be completed online through the e-learning portal of Texas PTA. The course does cost a fee ($10) to complete and can be reimbursed by the local unit. The following link can be used to complete this training.

FLO Part 1

Foundations Leader Orientation (In Person) (FLO Part 2)

The second portion of this training is conducted at the Council level with an in person workshop. The following is a list of the current opportunities to complete this workshop. We encourage all of our local units to attend the workshop closest to them (or cluster campus).

Please see the above Northside training schedule for class availability.